Premium Personal Statement Samples

Personal statements that actually worked and resulted in admission into great graduate, medical, and law schools is what many people have been searching for. That’s why we spent the last year gathering these successful personal statement samples. Now you can download them, modify to include details from your own educational, work, and volunteer experiences, and submit them to the school of your choice. You’ll save countless hours of writing and formatting your own personal statement by downloading one of ours to act as a template. And since you know these statements worked, you don’t have to worry if the quality is sufficient to get you in. We do charge a fee for these samples to help limit the number of downloads. Premium statements can be downloaded immediately following payment.

Tell us about your high school social experience
Why do you want to attend our university?
I can explain my deficiencies
I have specific goals and this is why
Why do you want to attend medical school?
Personal anecdote
Law school – Public service background
Dental school – Unusual background
Law school – Inner city childhood
Grad school – Science
Grad school – Psychology

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