Personal Statement Writing Service

Give yourself an edge by having us prepare your graduate admission personal statement. We know exactly what admissions officers look for in winning personal statements. Admissions officers want to make sure that applicants have the necessary personal background to succeed in their school or program. Other admissions factors involve concerns whether applicants will contribute to the program’s unique mix of personalities, intellectual criticism, personal experiences, and aptitudes.

Our most popular service, and the most unique offering of its kind on the Internet, our custom model essay development service provides you with an actual model essay drafted from scratch, completely tailored to your own personal facts. Through our proprietary Biograph(TM) process, our experienced writers gather all your pertinent personal facts, and turn them into a completely unique, one-of-a-kind model essay or personal statement. Give yourself the best possible chance of getting into the school and program of your choice.

How a Personal Statement Writing Service Can Help:

The sole purpose of your personal statement is to sell yourself to the admissions board of the school in which you are trying to gain access to. In other words, you want to show those who review your application that you are the perfect person to attend the school and convince them that you are in fact capable of achieving great things while you are there.

Your personal statement has to stand out from the rest, but this may be easier said than done. Just as with a resume writing service, a professional personal statement writing service will tailor their writing to your specific situation and follow these guidelines in preparing your statement:

• Take Time: Your personal statement will end up being one of the most important papers you ever write. Many people hate writing an essay of any kind and will therefore put it off until the very last second. This is a big mistake when it comes to writing your personal statement. Instead, give yourself more than enough time to gather all your thoughts, formulate a plan, and allow yourself time to not only write your personal statement, but to edit it as well.
• Be Clear and Concise: Keep your main audience in mind, namely the reviewers. Explain yourself in a very direct tone and make sure that everything you are including is relevant to you. Avoid going too far off topic as that will detract from the main purpose of the personal statement.
• Include Academic Achievements: If you have academic achievements that will help distinguish you as the ideal candidate, then be sure to put them down in your personal statement. However, be sure that the area of study you are interested in is related to these accolades. Remember that irrelevance is a bad thing.
• Be Accurate: Don’t just arbitrarily throw statistics in your personal statement without having actually researched the information thoroughly. The last thing you want to do is get caught with facts or figures that are inaccurate even if it is only by a little bit. Make sure you can back up what you say as consistency is going to be paramount.
• Be Honest: While you certainly do need to impress those looking at your personal statement, you need to be sure that you are being 100 percent honest when attempting to do so. Never lie, it just isn’t good policy. It is far too easy to get caught in a lie and if this happens you can bet that your personal statement, and the rest of your application, will hit the bottom of the review’s trash can in an awful hurry.
• Check Thoroughly: Don’t make the mistake of simply running spell-check on your personal statement and then calling it a success. Be sure you check it over several times for inaccuracies of all sorts and when you are done, have someone else review it as well. The more eyes, the better.

Personal statement writing that is executed with the utmost care will lead to a great personal statement. In turn, your chances of being accepted to the school of your choice will be greatly increased. Be sure you take the time and put forth the effort so that you can turn in your application knowing your personal statement is all that it should be.