Getting Into Film School

vintage-lens-1400138-mWhen it comes down to it, getting into film school is easy, but only if you show promise and talent. A film school will invite students that show a passion and interest in the craft of filmmaking. In essence, a film school is like an art school, so you must be creative. Also, you don’t necessarily need to be a cineaste to get into the film school – you just need to be interested in learning about different directors and their work. You won’t need to know every single movie that Hitchcock created, but you do need to have an open mind. With all these things under your belt, you will be an ideal candidate for film school. Here are five things you should do before applying to film school.

  1. Get your mission statement ready. Before applying for film school, you want to have a very strong reason why you want to go to film school in the first place. For instance, if you are applying to the International Academy of Film and Television, you will need to show why you love film and want to make films. It will also help to know why you want to get into the particular school you are applying to, so make sure that you edit your mission statement accordingly.
  2. Make sure that your portfolio is ready to view on the web. There is a good chance that you have a small body of work that you can show when you apply to a film school. With each application, you are usually required to provide a link to your work. If you don’t have a portfolio, it will be critical to build one. You can start by writing a small script, renting some camera equipment and shooting a short film – it doesn’t need to be a big budget, it just needs to show your talent and vision.
  3. Watch a lot of movies. Before you apply to film school, you also want to watch as many movies as you can. You should also visit an independent movie theater in your town or nearest city and spend a few weeks watching the masters. Not only will you be asked who some of your favorite directors are, you will also gain a tremendous amount of knowledge by watching the work of some of the best filmmakers. It will also make you a more dynamic film student.
  4. Think about why you want to make films. If you are going to film school because of some fanciful idea that you will become the next big film director, you are deluding yourself. You want to attend film school to learn about the art of filmmaking – if you have a passion for it and talent, you may be able to turn it into a career.
  5. Understand all the facets of filmmaking. A lot of people go to film school to learn how to be a director, but you may have a better chance on your application if you want to become an editor or cinematographer. In the end, most film schools have a plethora of directors applying, but they don’t have enough people applying in other fields, so you may have a higher probability of getting accepted if you broaden your horizons.

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