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Are you at a loss for words or are not sure how to properly proofread and edit your graduate admission essay? The right graduate school essay can get you into the college of your choice and EssayEdge can help. Their professional graduate school essay editing services can help you get noticed in as little as 24-hours. Professional writers and editors are committed to assisting you in a process that most find difficult.

EssayEdge customers say:

* 97% believe that EssayEdge improved their essays
* 97% say their chance of admissions was improved
* 90% would recommend EssayEdge to a friend
* 82% are admitted to their top-choice schools

EssayEdge Editing Service Review

Once you have written an academic or entrance essay, Essay Edge provides you with an editing and revision service. For many application processes, it is the essay that will make you stand out among the many applicants for your spot in an organization or the school of your dreams. Essay Edge makes sure that your essay is at the right level of quality so that your chances of success are increased.

Essay Edge’s service provides you with a 2-day turnaround time for editing and grammatical issues. Essay Edge also gives you suggestions on content and doesn’t just change your essay for you, but works with you to make sure that your essay is the best it can possibly be. Having this expert second point of view can give you a definite step up on your application.

Those who are providing you with these feedback are the best in their field. Many of Essay Edge’s employees are from Ivy League schools and have admissions experience. There are five different categories of education entrance that Essay Edge concentrates on:

1. Medical School
3.Graduate School
4.Law School
5.Business School

Essay Edge has a wide variety of writers that they employ. Any topic that you wish to cover and any of the above categories that you are applying to will have an expert at Essay Edge who is able to help you and apply their knowledge to. Essay Edge has a very high client satisfaction rate – over 95 percent.

It’s not only the client’s satisfaction rating that is incredible. EssayEdge has over an 80 percent success rate of getting those who submit their essays to them for revision into their number one choice of school. That explains a lot about their satisfaction rate.

In business over 13 years, Essay Edge has established connections and relationships throughout the educational world. They are also a member of the NelNet family, which provides educational funding in many areas. This relationship gives Essay Edge a large boost in credibility over their competition.

Examples of personal statements are available on the website of EssayEdge. Reading and analyzing these examples can help you start to form your own essay and to better understand what is required in a personal statement or essay. You can even enroll in Essay Edge’s free course to get tips by e-mail. Be sure to take advantage of the Essay Edge promo code to save off your purchase.

As an essay can be the writing piece that gets you into the school that will lead you to your dream career, it must be of the highest quality possible. Essay Edge can make sure that you put your best foot forward with your application to an institute of higher education. Let Essay Edge turn your already good essay into the best essay possible.

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