College Admissions Counseling

Professional college admissions counseling will go a long ways towards getting you into the college or graduate program of your choice. Get personalized, one-on-one Admissions Counseling from former admissions officers from Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Berkeley and Northwestern. Service includes:

  • Essay writing coaching by a Former Admissions Reader / Officer
  • Interactive, step-by-step approach to developing your unique essay
  • Curriculum designed by former Stanford and Harvard admissions officers
  • Five Reviews
  • UNLIMITED Question & Answer sessions
  • Complete the workshop in two to four weeks, at your own pace

College Admissions Counseling

College is one of the largest expenses that most people will encounter during their entire lifetime. Today, a private college could end up costing more than $200,000 not including graduate school. With such a large purchase, it is surprising how many students go through their college decision making process without adequately investigating their options. This is one of the biggest reasons that there are more college transfers than ever before and more than 50% of students will require 5 or more years to get their degree.

College admissions counseling will not only help students choose the right school to fit their needs, but also help them tailor their application and resume to maximize the chance that they get accepted. Here is a quick look at some of the advantages that college admissions counseling could provide.

1. Focus

Even though choosing and getting accepted to the right college is one of the most important, life changing decisions of someones life, many students lack the focus to do everything that needs to be done. This isn’t the fault of the students or their parents, but rather an issue of balance. High school students are trying to balance their life including school, work, friends, extracurriculars, and general teenage activities. At the same time, parents are trying to watch over their kids and help guide them to a better future. College admissions counseling will be able to provide the level of focus that is necessary for students to choose a college that will fit their needs as well as get them accepted.

2. Competition

Good grades and test scores is no longer enough to get someone into the college of their choice. Colleges and universities are now looking for students that not only excel in and out of the classroom, but also have an inherent social consciousness and overall balanced lifestyle. College admissions counseling can help students identify their strengths and weakness so that they can always put their best foot forward during the application and interview process. This is incredibly important as colleges become more selective and even “safety schools” are becoming much less of a guarantee.

3. Traditional Resources Are Not Enough

In the past, a student would utilize their high school counselor to help them choose the best college for them. However, counselors often have to deal with a few hundred students and simply do not have the time or ability to provide every student with the individual attention that they need. Admissions counseling can use its expertise and ability to focus on one student at a time to ensure maximum results.

College admissions counseling continues to become more popular. Getting into the right school is more important than ever. Not only do students need to get into a college, but they need to find one that fits their needs so that they enjoy their college experience and graduate on time. With so much more pressure to compete than in years past, universities and colleges are more selective than ever, which means that todays prospective college students need to take advantage of all of the help that they can get.