5 Simple and Effective Brain Training Tips for College Students

Usually, when we think about exercising, it’s our body that immediately comes to mind. But did you know that there are things that you can do that will help to “exercise your brain”? Although the actual term is “brain training”, the reality is that by doing certain kinds of exercises for your mind, you can literally help to make your brain sharper so that you can help to keep it in top working condition.

So, if you happen to be a college student who would love nothing more than to learn some ways to retain more information, sharpen your memory skills and become an overall better learner, we’ve got five simple and effective brain training tips that are especially for you below:

Visit a museum. One a day when your class load is not super heavy, consider taking a tour at one or your local museums. However, don’t take out your phone to record what is being said and also don’t jot anything down. Then, once you get back to your dorm or apartment, try and construct an outline of what the tour guide shared with you. It’s a fun exercise that helps to test your memory.

Finish a jigsaw puzzle. If you’re someone who naturally enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles, then you’ll be pleased to know that you’re already giving your brain quite a workout. By working on a puzzle that is no less than 500 pieces, you are developing your visual judgments and that’s always beneficial in your everyday life.

Do some juggling. Can you juggle? If so, then you are doing one more thing that ultimately helps to train your brain. That’s because it helps you to become skilled when it comes to sensory movement, as well as hand-eye coordination. If you’re not much of a juggler, it’s also helpful to play a game of catch. If you’d like to learn how to juggle, you can do so by going to LearnHowtoJuggle.info.

Use your “opposite hand”. If you went through a program like LearningRX in order to develop some brain training tips , one of the things that they would probably recommend you do is go a couple of days per week using the hand that you do the least. For instance, if you’re right-handed, then try spending several hours at a time relying on your left-hand to do your daily activities. Although it might seem a bit frustrating at first, it is another great way to encourage your brain to work harder which ultimately will make it sharper. Plus, it will also help you to feel more confident about using either of your hands for writing, brushing your teeth or any other thing that you need to do.

Eat some dark chocolate. Our final brain training tip is by far the tastiest one out of the bunch: eat some dark chocolate. The reason why is this makes the brain training list is because when you have a few squares, it helps to put dopamine into your system which is a brain chemical that triggers learning and memory capabilities. For a list of other benefits that come with consuming dark chocolate, visit Authority Nutrition and put “proven benefits of dark chocolate” in the search field.

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